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Self-Talk To Our Beloved Bodies: The Reveler Blog

Have you ever thought about the way you’ve been trash talking your body for decades? Do you look in the mirror and say horrible things to and about yourself and your body? Has it seemed to get worse, not better, as you age? So many of us not only use “fat talk” to ourselves, but with age, we also use “old talk.” It’s so sad that we’ve spent our lives in a battle with ourselves.

In studies done on the relationship that older women have with their bodies, the statistics stay consistent with our dissatisfaction and with our continued attempts at dieting throughout the years: we’re still hoping that we can achieve the unachievable no matter what our age. When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer at 69 (from smoking — first as a diet aid at 16 and then smoking 3 packs a day from there on) she said to me: “Screw it! I’m now going to eat whatever I want.” I was shocked and so upset. It was only when she was facing imminent death did she feel like she could give up the battle — not just of life but of dieting.

In one of the larger studies done on women 50+ and eating disorders...

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